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The Internet is an unprecedented tool.

For over 150 years, Keio University has invited the best minds in Asia and beyond to share with us in a conversation: How can we elevate humanity by refining what we know? The Internet is the latest topic in this discussion as we seek to understand its impact on our society at home and share our vision abroad.

The Keio International Center for the Internet and Society (KICIS) is your platform for discovering the very best of what Japan offers on the discussion of the Internet. Here you will find the voices of Asia speaking on cloud-computinginternet policy, big data, and more.

As diverse as the Internet is, so are we. We are more than academics – we are Business Leaders. Students. Policy Makers. Innovators.

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KICIS is unique. Founded by Jun Murai and Jim Foster, we blend decades of policy know-how with deft technical expertise and implementation. We know how to get things done.

Our researchers are foremost in their fields, consulted by governments and industry alike. Some of the largest IT companies in the world partner with us, seeking the latest edge in emerging markets regionally. The world’s most prestigious schools of learning come here to discover how knowledge can be redefined through the Internet.

The brightest minds in Asia and from around the world come to study and engage with a with a world class faculty to shape the ideas that will drive tomorrow.

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KICIS has partnered with Keio University to bring forth leaders and decision makers in the Japanese government, private-sector, and academia to share their insight and expertise on Internet policy. Through select events, in-depth reports, and exchange programs, KICIS highlights progress on Internet issues in the Asia region.

By offering insight into the future with proprietary analytics and over twenty years of experience, KICIS works to implement global standards on Internet Policy issues in Asia, while reflecting unique differences in a complex eco-system of legal, social, and technical standards.

Partner with us to gain access to a network of decision-makers using the latest data and research. Gain insight into what obstacles and challenges lie ahead in implementing a global IT strategy for your organization. Use our resources to sponsor research that is used to decide the future of the Internet.

KICIS is a catalyst and a platform for brokering an interactive exchange between Asia and Internet policy researchers and advocates around the world – there is nowhere else to go.