Asia Forum on Cyber Security and Privacy

The Forum is a collaborative project between KICIS and the Cyber Law Center at Korea University.   The Forum grew out of a November 12, 2012 conference in Seoul hosted by Korea University that examined respective approaches on cyber security and privacy in Korea and Japan.  This was followed by a KICIS sponsored conference in Tokyo May 29-31, 2013 that assayed the implications of cloud computing and big data for the Asia region.  Scholars from China, Indonesia, Malaysia and the United States joined this meeting.

The agenda for the Forum is jointly coordinated by KICIS Director Professor Jim Foster and Korea University Cyber Law Center Director Professor Nohyoung Park.   Scholars associated with KICIS and the Cyber Law Center met in Tokyo January 15 and 16 to discuss a number of upcoming project, including commissioned research, faculty and student exchange and an international conference on capacity building for managing privacy and cyber security issues in Asia to be held in May 2014.