Bali IGF: Privacy in Asia Panel (October 22, 2013)

KICIS in collaboration with Korea University and Beijing Normal University organized a panel on Privacy in Asia at the Bali Internet Governance Forum (IGF), bringing together a group of scholars and private sector representatives to discuss respective national approaches to privacy, to assay the prospects for a broader regional approach and to exchange views on the role might Asia might play in setting global standards and expectations for privacy.

The panel was designed to build on the discussion of Asian privacy issues  at the Seoul Regional IGF in September which concluded that more research and discussion is needed in Asia where government are moving quite quickly in response to perceived consumer and business needs to develop new sets of regulation.

A summary of the panel discussion in Bali is available in addition to presentations by Professor Edmon Makarim from the University of Indonesia and Professor Fumio Shimpo of Keio University.

An informal transcript in also available.