Big Data 2013: Edmon Makarim

Topics: Professor Jun Murai Introduces Abe Administration’s New IT Strategy

Currently, debate on the implications of these new technologies and services are occurring within APEC and ASEAN as well as in bilateral contexts, but are slowed by the diversity of economic and political systems in the region. What mechanisms and tools are available to foster greater collaboration within Asia? Is there an opportunity — or risk for an emerging Asian consensus that will differ in some respects from that in the US and Europe or will the region follow trends and policies established elsewhere?


Professor Edmon Makarim has been a professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Indonesia since 1994. He is the chairman of a research institute at the University focusing on law and technology. He is also a legal advisor to the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Information. His research interests include e-commerce, cyber law, and issues related to privacy and human rights. He is currently working on new government regulations for a national health information system and a national data protection law.