Big Data 2013: Jae Chul Suh

Topics: Security, Cloud Computing, & Big Data

There is a major shift underway in how organizations use and share data that will require new approaches to security while distinguishing and continuing to address existing issues for enterprises and consumers. The scale of operations and the remote access that the Cloud makes possible are also its greatest vulnerabilities.

What are the threats and what are the tools we need to manage and ultimately defeat them? What is the situation in Japan and Korea? What best practices might be shared? Is there a need for greater cooperation and information sharing between the private sectors of the two countries perhaps in conjunction with US partners?


Dr. Jae Chul Suh is the executive director of the Korean Internet and Security Agency. Prior to joining the Agency, he was director for planning and management at the Korea Network Information Center. He currently serves as the vice chair of the Korea Internet Governance Alliance.