Center for Global Communications (Japan)

The Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM), a part of the International University of Japan,  specializes in the integrative study of governments, academia, and citizenry. By using its network of research institutes, GLOCOM seeks to find practical solutions and policies on matters of telecommunications policy, industry research, and global strategy.

GLOCOM invites visiting researchers, fellows, and faculty from around the world to join its network. Individuals from the private sector whose research interests are of similar scope to GLOCOM’s mission are welcome to join the Executive Research Program and participate in workshops and top-tier meetings that provide the full-breadth and scale of resources that GLOCOM offers.

GLOCOM i-Platform (i-PF) is unique to GLOCOM as a system that allows researchers to connect with interested parties in viewing the most up-to-date research and analysis . By overcoming boundaries between institutions, enterprises, and governments, GLOCOM seeks to provide researchers and policy makers with the tools they need.

The Center for Global Communication (GLOCOM)
Contact: Adam Peake, Executive Director