Keio Research Institute Director’s Greeting

Professor Katsuhiko Ogawa began his term as Executive Director of Keio Research Institute at SFC in 2013. A former NTT engineer, Dr. Ogawa specializes in human interface design and communication services. 

Professor Katsuhiko OgawaKeio Research Institute at SFC is the interface of the Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) of Keio University to collaborate extensively with external communities such as industries, governments, nonprofit organizations and regional societies.

Since its beginning in 1990, SFC has been advocating ‘problem-finding and problem-solving oriented’ research and education, and continuously carrying out cutting-edge endeavors as the ‘frontier runner’ of practical research and education. Keio Research Institute at SFC was founded in 1996 and we started dealing with government-industry-academia collaborations for actualization of useful knowledge when such attempts were still scarce in Japan, and have been promoting fruitful research projects in which efforts not only from the university but also from various quarters are orchestrated, and disseminating their outcomes expansively to societies and communities.

Besides the Faculty of Policy Management, Faculty of Environments and Information Studies, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care, and Graduate School of Media and Governance, research staff from Graduate School of Health Management join Keio Research Institute at SFC in 2013 and we promote a wide variety of topics ranging from local revitalization to state-of-the-art science. We conduct more than 250 government-industry-academia collaborative research projects every year, and have built overwhelming accumulations of research experiences.

A research system that features a collaboration between the humanities and the sciences is also one of our strengths. Issues in the world today, such as processes for solving environmental problems in which politics, economics, and international relations are inextricably intertwined, and securities in the global network of societies, require generations of solutions in which humanistic, socially-conscious, and technological viewpoints are fused in a complementary manner. With regard to solutions to problems in 21st century society, we, at SFC, believe that we can play a significant role through the planning and implementation of research through the integration of technological and social innovations.

The role of a university as a foundation for innovation is becoming increasingly important all over the world as the concept of ‘open innovation’ of which the main idea is that enterprises should not rely entirely on their own R&D but take external research achievements into forming of their strategies is firmly established. We believe that Keio Research Institute at SFC as the forerunner in this trend has the crucial mission to evolve Japan that was once the world’s sending base of innovation to a new entity for the next era.

The institute is going forward with setting up of the consortium system in which foundational researches of which uncertainties are too large for a single enterprise to take can be implemented jointly by a number of organizations as well as maintaining systems to promote researches close to practical applications collaboratively with effective managements of intellectual property rights.

Furthermore, the Keio Research Institute at SFC has been engaged in the construction of infrastructures for business incubation in recent years to efficiently utilize the outcome of collaborative research for societies and communities. About 20 venture companies originating from, or seeking collaborative opportunities with, Keio University are actively operating to generate new businesses in the incubation facility set up next to the campus.

We wish to construct a progressive society by bringing about intellectual innovations in conjunction with young and dynamic researchers. It is my goal to engage with experts and visionaries of all kinds on future research projects to push the boundaries of what we know.

Katsuhiko Ogawa
Executive Director
Keio Research Institute at SFC