Nikkei IT Pro Report: Conversations with Customers are Valuable Sources of Big Data

Tetsu Ishii, CEO of Vext Inc., speaks in an interview with IT Pro by Nikkei Shimbun on the value and usage of big data from text data.


Tetsu Ishii, CEO of Vext Inc.

Ishii explains that although analysis techniques of text data are not complete, valuableinformation can still be found. Currently, many companies have translated their customer service call recordings into text formats and have used this information to better their services. These companies have been able to improve in responding to claims faster than before.

Social media is also a valuable source of text data but must be mined and filtered in order to gain maximum value for analysis. For example, motor shows produce thousands of comments and reactions in social media. This information is  easy to mine and to filter for analysis.

Through these types of text data, promotion strategies and customer complaint or demand response can be made better. At the same time, new services must be provided to improve data analysis in order to gain more from text data. Ishii hopes that Vext Inc. will be able to provide better quality services to answer this need.

Source: IT Pro by Nikkei Shimbun 
Image Source: IT Pro by Nikkei Shimbun