Nikkei Report: Proposed Changes to Copyright System in Japan

The Japan Association of Rights of Authors, Composer and Publishers (JASRAC), which is a Japanese copyright collection agency, is insisting on the right of copyright holders to collect levies on electronic equipment that permits users to record and copy content. The levy is on the equipment not the user. However, after the digitalization of television broadcasting, this practice has become less relevant.

There is a new proposal to solve this problem which has two points. The first issue is whether a levy should be imposed on equipment or on the functions, which allow the recording of content on the internet. A second is whether a new levy system should extend to software or services for smart phones or PC’s.

JASRAC is arguing for these changes because it thinks that companies providing devices reap more benefits than the users do. 

JASRAC also thinks that it might make sense to improve technology that could delete illegal contents automatically. But it also feels that this technology would not be very effective. JASRAC’s position is that the best levy system is when a compensation is collected on the device or software which consumers use to record or copy content, not on the user directly.

 Source: Nikkei Shimbun, Digital Edition (Japanese)

Image Source: Flickr