The Internet and Regional Development in Japan

A few years ago, I read an article which argued that Japan will again become a developing nation by 2050 unless the government gets to work solving Japan’s problems, including the constant threat from natural disasters, the disparity of wealth between the city and the countryside, and the declining birthrate and aging population. From my

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Conference on Cloud Computing and Big Data (May 29-31, 2013)

Conference on Cloud Computing and Big Data,  May 29-31, 2013, Tokyo, Japan

Session One Presentations:  The Intersection of the Cloud and Big Data

Professor Jiro Kokuryo, Keio University:  Social Capitalism in a Connected Civilization 

Kyung Won Chung, CEO, Symantec Korea: Creating Platforms for Trust and Cooperation

Professor Jong-in Lim, Korea University:  Q and A Session

Session Two Presentations: Privacy, Cloud Computing and Big Data

Professor Fumio Shimpo, Keio University: Current Data Protection Legal System in Japan

Professor Nohyoung Park, Korea University: New Developments on International Data Transfers in Korea and the World

Jeff Gould, The Privacy Challenge of Data Mining

Professor Eric Clemons, University of Pennsylvania:  Q and A Session

Session Three Presentations:  Government Perspectives from Japan and Korea

Yasuhiko Taniwaki, DDG, Information and Communications Bureau, MIC:  Building a New Infrastructure for Distributing Information Japanese Language Only

Seong Ju Kang, DG, Convergence Policy Bureau, Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning:  Realizing a Creative Economy

Professor Kilnam Chong, Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (KAIST): Q and A Session

Session Four Presentations:  Security, Cloud Computing and Big Data

Professor Motohiro Tsuchiya, Keio University:  Cyber Security and International Politics in the Age of Big Data

Dr. Reiko Kondo, Counselor for International Strategy, MIC: Japan’s 2013 Information Security Strategy

Dr. Jae Chul Suh, Visiting Professor, Korea University:  Threats and Counter-Measures for Korea’s Cyber Security

Professor Hideyuki Tokuda, Keio University:  Q and A Session

Session Five:  The Cloud and Big Data in Asia

Professor Jun Murai, Keio University: The Cloud, Open Data and Big Data

Professor Abu Bakar Munir, University of Malay:  The Cloud and Big Data in Asia

Professor Hong Xue, Beijing Normal University:  Cloud Computing and Big Data in China

Professor Edmon Makarim, University of Indonesia:  Security and Privacy in Indonesia

Professor Youn Jung Park, SUNY Korea:  Cloud Data Governance and Asia Consensus

Tom Robertson, VP and Deputy General Counsel, Microsoft:  Q and A Session