Cyber Security

National ID System and Cybersecurity

This year in October, the “my number” or national ID system will be introduced in Japan and from January 2015, its use will be required.Before that, however, some legal changes are required to prevent illegal access and use of national IDs and to build public awareness about the advantages of the system and the precaution that they need

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NISC Releases Update to Japan’s Cyber Security Strategy

On May 25th, the government of Japan released an update to their Cyber Security Strategy. NISC has drafted its own proposal and has now opened it to the general public for comment. Submissions by physical mail must be in by June 8th. For comments online, please leave your submission, along with your affiliation, name, address,

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Student Voices: Cyber Security Readiness in Japan

With increasingly more significant developments and dependence on computers in sectors such as finance, healthcare, and media, it is critical that Japan continue improving its cyber security measures qualitatively and quantitatively. The question is: Who is responsible for introducing and (more importantly) implementing these cyber security measures? Japan’s National Information Security Center (NISC) plays a

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