National ID System and Cybersecurity

This year in October, the “my number” or national ID system will be introduced in Japan and from January 2015, its use will be required.Before that, however, some legal changes are required to prevent illegal access and use of national IDs and to build public awareness about the advantages of the system and the precaution that they need

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ACCJ Viewpoint: Implementing Japan’s New Cybersecurity Strategy

The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) released their viewpoint on Japan’s New Cybersecurity Strategy on August 12, 2014. The viewpoint examines the “2014 Cybersecurity Strategy” document released by the National Information Security Center (NISC) which offers an update to roadmap to Japan’s strategy to countermand the growing cybersecurity threat.

The viewpoint also welcomes the introduction of legislation in the Japanese Diet to create a “Cybersecurity Center” and identifies key areas for dialogue between the public and private sector including the planning and administration for the “Cybersecurity Center”,  coordinating cybersecurity standards, introducing non-discriminatory security measures, and facilitating an accreditation framework for government cloud computing services.

ACCJ Viewpoint – Implementing Japan’s New Cybersecurity Strategy

ACCJ Viewpoint – Implementing Japan’s New Cybersecurity Strategy