Internet Policy

Nikkei Report: Proposed Changes to Copyright System in Japan

The Japan Association of Rights of Authors, Composer and Publishers (JASRAC), which is a Japanese copyright collection agency, is insisting on the right of copyright holders to collect levies on electronic equipment that permits users to record and copy content. The levy is on the equipment not the user. However, after the digitalization of television

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Nikkei Report: Japan’s 2014 Government IT Budget

The Japanese government has firmed up its IT budget for 2014. The government’s new CIO formally made the decision on budget priorities, based on submissions from each ministry and agency. Efforts to increase interministerial cooperation seem to be having an effect. In the new budget, the number of budget line items involving more than one

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2013 Joint Ministerial Statement of the ASEAN-Japan Ministerial Policy Meeting on Cybersecurity Cooperation

In October 2013, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) joined the NISC and MIC in participating in the 6th Japan-ASEAN Information and Security Policy Meeting in Manila, Philippines. This document summarizes the outcomes of this conference and highlights measures to strengthen global cooperation in cyber security.

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Nikkei Interview: The Cloud and Copyright — Views from Two Experts

When considering the appropriate balance between the storage and use of content online through various cloud services and the protection of copyright, where should the line be drawn between what is and what is not covered under copying for personal use? Two copyright specialists were asked their views on this issue. Miki Yanagihara, Chair of

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2013 NISC Japan Cyber Security Strategy

This is the fourth in a series of reports released by the National Security Information Center (NISC).   While earlier reports focused on the user concerns or the economic impact of the cyber threat, the emphasis in the new document is squarely on the national security implications of the threat.  The report also takes up for the first time the “Internet of Things,” indicating a keen awareness that Japan’s highly advanced ICT infrastructure and the sensor networks it depends on may be more vulnerable to cyber disruption than in any other country.

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2013 MIC Smartphone Privacy Initiative Report

This is a summary slide presentation containing the recommendations of a advisory group under MIC concerned with smartphone privacy issues. The report proposes the setting of industry sector voluntary guidelines. The report reflects the views of 35 industry associations and companies in Japan. An oversight body will be organized to monitor compliance.

MIC Smartphone Privacy Initiative Report 2013