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EU-Japan Business Roundtable 2013 Recommendations

The EU-Japan Business Round Table (BRT) held its 15th annual meeting in Paris during April 2013. Business leaders from Japan and Europe gathered to discuss ways in which government action can facilitate cross investment and improve the EU-Japan business environment. The recommendations were submitted to the EU and Japanese governments and covers various disciplines including ICT and big data.

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2013 MIC Smartphone Privacy Initiative Report

This is a summary slide presentation containing the recommendations of a advisory group under MIC concerned with smartphone privacy issues. The report proposes the setting of industry sector voluntary guidelines. The report reflects the views of 35 industry associations and companies in Japan. An oversight body will be organized to monitor compliance.

MIC Smartphone Privacy Initiative Report 2013

BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard 2013

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) gives Japan top marks for its cloud-computing friendly business environment.  The study compares Japan with 24 other nations on criteria, such as data privacy, security, cyber crime and intellectual property.   While the ICT business environment is quite positive, we see many challenges ahead for Japan in maintaining its leadership position.   The BSA positive evaluation also contrasts with the lower ranking that Japan receives in the 2013 World Economic Forum Global Technology Report, where it received a 21st place ranking — down from 18 the previous year.


2010 MIC Toward Realization of the New Broadband Super Highway (Hikari no Michi)

This document outlines the strategy of the Democratic Party of Japan shortly after it won a stunning victory in the 2008 Lower House Election. Its call for the full privatization and reorganization of NTT aroused considerable debate, but there was no follow up due to the March 2011 Earthquake.

MIC Toward Realization of the New Broadband Super Highway (Hikari no Michi) 2010