NISC Releases Update to Japan’s Cyber Security Strategy

On May 25th, the government of Japan released an update to their Cyber Security Strategy. NISC has drafted its own proposal and has now opened it to the general public for comment. Submissions by physical mail must be in by June 8th. For comments online, please leave your submission, along with your affiliation, name, address,

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Yahoo To Delete Information which Blatantly Violates Privacy

On March 30th, Yahoo Japan released new regulations concerning the erasure of information as discovered by Internet searches. Upon receiving petitions for the elimination of search results, Yahoo will consider context and the scope of the request for removal to reach a determination on if the information should be deleted. The program will begin May 31st.

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Brookings Institute Panel: Trade & The Digital Economy

On March 30, the Center for East Asia Policy Studies at the Brookings Institute hosted KICIS Executive Director Jim Foster, and Keio University Professor Motohiro Tsuchiya as experts to examine the role of the digital economy in trade agreements. Topics included discussions on current and upcoming challenges for the digital economy and how the U.S.-Japan

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Why Are Japan & India Inactive Globally?

Internet governance and the debate surrounding it has taken some major steps in the past year or so. The Snowden revelations have intensified and given new life to the otherwise very sterile The consequences have been both direct and indirect. Government surveillance is not the only topic being discussed at global forums right now. Net

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Japan, US, Korea and the EU: A Common Global ICT Agenda?

会議ご登録 | Conference Registration 基調講演者| Keynote Speakers 登壇者| Expert Panel アジェンダ  | Agenda 会場住所:  慶應義塾大学三田キャンパス東館6F G-SEC Lab カンファレンスルーム 開催日時:  2014年11月18日(火曜日) 18時30分〜20時30分 主催:  慶應義塾大学国際インターネット対策研究会、SFC研究所インターネットと社会・ラボ Location: Keio Mita Campus, East Bldg. 6th Floor, G-Sec Conference Room Time: November 18, 2014 (Tuesday) 18:30 PM to 20:30 PM これまで、日米韓とEUはICT革新の原動力となり、経済・社会はもちろんのこと政治にまで大きな変革をもたらしてきました。Cloud Computing, Big Data,

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Fourth Multistakeholder Forum: New Privacy Rules in the US & Japan

会議ご登録 | Conference Registration 登壇者| Expert Panel アジェンダ  | Agenda 会場住所:  慶應義塾大学三田キャンパス東館6F G-SEC Lab カンファレンスルーム 開催日時:  2014年11月5日(水曜日) 18時30分〜20時30分 主催:  慶應義塾大学国際インターネット対策研究会、SFC研究所インターネットと社会・ラボ Location: Keio Mita Campus, East Bldg. 6th Floor, G-Sec Conference Room Time: November 5, 2014 (Wednesday) 18:30 PM to 20:30 PM 慶應義塾大学国際インターネット政策研究会(KICIS)は、第4回マルチステークホルダーフォーラムを、11月5日午後6時30分から午後8時30分まで、慶應義塾大学三田キャンパス東館6階 G-Sec カンファレンスルームにて開催します。 今回は、アメリカの国務省通信・情報局で、プライバシー・科学技術担当特別顧問を務める、Lara Ballard氏による基調講演を行います。Ballard氏には、アメリカにおけるプライバシー政策の進展や、ホワイトハウスが今年5月に公表したビッグデータに関する報告書の概要について講演していただきます。

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Keio VP Jiro Kokuryo Speaks on Internet Governance at JPRI Event

Keio University Vice President for International Affair Jiro Kokuryo journeyed to Washington, D.C. February 26 to speak on Internet Governance as part of Japan Week, an annual event sponsored by a consortium of Japanese universities under the auspices of the Japan Research Institute (JPRI). Professor Kokuryo was joined by KICIS Director Jim Foster. Professor

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Conference on Cloud Computing and Big Data (May 29-31, 2013)

Conference on Cloud Computing and Big Data,  May 29-31, 2013, Tokyo, Japan

Session One Presentations:  The Intersection of the Cloud and Big Data

Professor Jiro Kokuryo, Keio University:  Social Capitalism in a Connected Civilization 

Kyung Won Chung, CEO, Symantec Korea: Creating Platforms for Trust and Cooperation

Professor Jong-in Lim, Korea University:  Q and A Session

Session Two Presentations: Privacy, Cloud Computing and Big Data

Professor Fumio Shimpo, Keio University: Current Data Protection Legal System in Japan

Professor Nohyoung Park, Korea University: New Developments on International Data Transfers in Korea and the World

Jeff Gould, SafeGov.org: The Privacy Challenge of Data Mining

Professor Eric Clemons, University of Pennsylvania:  Q and A Session

Session Three Presentations:  Government Perspectives from Japan and Korea

Yasuhiko Taniwaki, DDG, Information and Communications Bureau, MIC:  Building a New Infrastructure for Distributing Information Japanese Language Only

Seong Ju Kang, DG, Convergence Policy Bureau, Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning:  Realizing a Creative Economy

Professor Kilnam Chong, Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (KAIST): Q and A Session

Session Four Presentations:  Security, Cloud Computing and Big Data

Professor Motohiro Tsuchiya, Keio University:  Cyber Security and International Politics in the Age of Big Data

Dr. Reiko Kondo, Counselor for International Strategy, MIC: Japan’s 2013 Information Security Strategy

Dr. Jae Chul Suh, Visiting Professor, Korea University:  Threats and Counter-Measures for Korea’s Cyber Security

Professor Hideyuki Tokuda, Keio University:  Q and A Session

Session Five:  The Cloud and Big Data in Asia

Professor Jun Murai, Keio University: The Cloud, Open Data and Big Data

Professor Abu Bakar Munir, University of Malay:  The Cloud and Big Data in Asia

Professor Hong Xue, Beijing Normal University:  Cloud Computing and Big Data in China

Professor Edmon Makarim, University of Indonesia:  Security and Privacy in Indonesia

Professor Youn Jung Park, SUNY Korea:  Cloud Data Governance and Asia Consensus

Tom Robertson, VP and Deputy General Counsel, Microsoft:  Q and A Session