Jiro Kokuryo

Big Data 2013: Jiro Kokuyro

Topic: The Intersection of the Cloud & Big Data

Wide scale adoption of Cloud Computing coupled with the ability to aggregate and analyze huge amounts of previously unavailable data (Big Data) can lower costs and improve decision-making in many critical development sectors, such as health care, education, employment, economic productivity, public safety, and natural disaster and resource management.

However, there are legitimate concerns about the Cloud and Big Data, most notably in the privacy and security areas, that worry businesses and consumers and may further aggravate for Asian governments long-standing challenges, including inadequate technological infrastructure and economic and human resource bottlenecks.


Professor Jiro Kokuryo serves as the director of the Keio Incubation Center. He focuses on developing business and social models that maximize the benefits of information technologies to society, and studying the effective use of open systems.

Professor Kokuryo also heads the Design Platform Laboratory within the Keio Research Institute.