Mobile Networks

Japan Implements New Rules for Mobile Data Pricing

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has announced new rules governing the pricing of data plans for smartphones by all three major carriers within Japan (NTT DoComo, KDDI, Softbank) to take effect in 2016. The move obligates carriers to provide lower cost options for users who use less data over current and next generation mobile networks.

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Nikkei Report: Smart Phone Battles

SoftBank, one of Japan’s three major network operators, has had troubles with the usage of its “Platinum Band”, a specific range of radio frequency spectrum used for mobile communications. While all three operators (NTT Docomo, AU and SoftBank) have had this spectrum divided equally among themselves, SoftBank only has one third of its “Platinum Band”

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Frugal Information Systems: Learning from the Great Japan Earthquake (2013)

Professor Jiro Kokuryo and Project Research Associate Mihoko Sakurai in collaboration with a group of US scholars received first prize for this research paper at the June 2013 ITU Kaleidoscopic Conference: Building Sustainable Communities held at Kyoto University. The paper advocates the use of cellphones and the mobile Internet as the standard platform for creating information systems, which prioritize resilience over robustness. Greater resilience is achieved by using resources “frugally,” thereby limiting exposure to damage in a disaster.

The paper can be downloaded from the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

2013 MIC Smartphone Privacy Initiative Report

This is a summary slide presentation containing the recommendations of a advisory group under MIC concerned with smartphone privacy issues. The report proposes the setting of industry sector voluntary guidelines. The report reflects the views of 35 industry associations and companies in Japan. An oversight body will be organized to monitor compliance.

MIC Smartphone Privacy Initiative Report 2013