My Number

Japan’s New National Identification Number

From October of this year, a national identification number will be introduced in Japan. And from 2016, Japanese citizens must use this number to receive and contribute to national pensions, to get a child-care allowance, and pay their taxes. The national identification number is very useful system because the government can track the provision of

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National ID System and Cybersecurity

This year in October, the “my number” or national ID system will be introduced in Japan and from January 2015, its use will be required.Before that, however, some legal changes are required to prevent illegal access and use of national IDs and to build public awareness about the advantages of the system and the precaution that they need

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Nikkei IT Pro Report: Will Local Governments be Ready for the My Number System?

The much anticipated “My Number System” (Japan’s new national ID system) is now being implemented and concrete progress is expected by early 2014. This system aims to unify several different government data systems holding personal data. However, the “My Number System” remains a work in progress and more work is required on the necessary legal

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