Nohyoung Park

Big Data 2013: Nohyoung Park

Topic: Privacy, Cloud Computing, & Big Data

There are both new and old privacy concerns associated with services and product offerings residing on the Cloud and employing Big Data. At issue is the distinction being made between “big” and “personal” data, the conditions under which these differently sourced data are used and mixed, and ultimately who owns the new product?

How is the arrival of the Cloud and Big Data era changing the debate with regard to privacy in Japan and Korea? Is a common approach possible and/or desirable between Japan and Korea as an example for others in Asia — given their position as the most technologically advanced countries in Asia with vibrant civil societies and respect for individual rights? What would be the key elements of such an approach?


Professor Nohyoung Park is currently the Dean of School of Law, and the Director of the Cyber Law Centre at Korea University. His main interests cover international economic law, negotiation and mediation, and cyber security and privacy.