Video: John Galligan (Multistakeholder Forum: A New Privacy Framework for Japan)

Multistakeholder Forum: A New Privacy Framework for Japan

Expert Panelist: John Galligan (Microsoft)

John Galligan is the Regional Director for Government Relations for Microsoft in Asia Pacific. His role is to support markets across the region to promote Microsoft’s public policy agenda including; cloud computing, privacy, security, search and fostering a vibrant online ecosystem. He works with governments across Asia Pacific to promote the role for technology in advancing national competitiveness for economies across the region.

Mr. Galligan held the position of Director of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs at BAT Australasia for over 6 years and from 1993-1997 occupied a number of senior advisory positions in Australian federal politics. He holds degrees in Business Communication from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and in Political Science from The Australian National University (ANU).

The Keio International Project for the Internet & Society (KICIS) organized a conference to promote discussion on the future of privacy on the Internet in Japan. The conference brought experts on privacy concerns from abroad as well as multistakeholder representatives from various social and economic sectors in Japan. Discussion will focus on their questions, concerns and expectations regarding the new framework on privacy currently being drafted within the Japanese government.

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