Video: Shugo Ikemoto (Multistakeholder Forum: A New Privacy Framework for Japan)

Multistakeholder Forum: A New Privacy Framework for Japan

Multistakeholder Forum: Shugo Ikemoto (NPO Center)

Shugo Ikemoto is the managing Director of Non-Profit Organization Support Center. A graduate of Keio University’s Graduate School of Media and Governance he started FACE, a design support studio, with the goal to “create a society where varying values can accept one another,” as an undergraduate. He is currently working as the Managing Director of Non-Profit Organization Support Center, Representative of Board of Directors of FACE, Secretariat of Cabinet to Make a New Public. Mr. Ikemoto is a visiting researcher at Keio University SFC Research Center, and Executive Officer of Ututu Co., Ltd.

The Keio International Project for the Internet & Society (KICIS) organized a conference to promote discussion on the future of privacy on the Internet in Japan. The conference brought experts on privacy concerns from abroad as well as multistakeholder representatives from various social and economic sectors in Japan. Discussion will focus on their questions, concerns and expectations regarding the new framework on privacy currently being drafted within the Japanese government.

Read the event report to learn more.